About Us 


We first started doing weddings in 2011, and from then we have been on a whirlwind adventure.  We gained all the knowledge we needed for the core of our business from Davids degree in Film Studies from Queens University Belfast & Lauras diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute, UK.  At the start, we attended a few business courses, with help from Invest NI and in August 2012 we signed the dotted line and went into a formal partnership together. We have been very succesful in our endeavours this far, and we are so very grateful for the array of kind and supportive clients we have had over the years.


Not only business partners, but in December of 2014 we tied the knot in Belfast's city hall on our 5 year anniversary.  They say don't mix business with pleasure, but we do and it's wonderful. We are in a fortunate position to choose our working schedule and conduct business from the comfort of our own home, though it can be very hard to 'tune out'', but when we do it's mostly a mixture of the great outdoors, camera related activities, cooking weird & wonderful meals together, long walks & big books with small words.  Oh, and we love animals.


Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Laura Fitchie & David Hilton