What To Expect

Before the wedding

Before we work with you on your wedding day it is important for us to know the arrangements for the day. These include locations, timings, and any special requirements you may have in regards to your photography and/or videography. You will be given a questionnaire (emailed via a link) to complete.  Here you can tell us all about the details and arrangements of the day, along with any special requirements and ideas you may have. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will look through it and if there is anything we need to discuss, we will be in touch with you. We will do our best to take on all suggestions and ideas. If there are any changes to the day or your requirements that you have not mentioned on the questionnaire, please let us know of this asap.  

Before the wedding day, we spend time preparing all of gear and equipment such as-charging batteries, cleaning lenses and formatting memory cards, we make sure we have all the necessary information and postcodes for our Sat Nav, we prepare our uniforms (all in black!), and make sure our car is fit for travel. We leave no stone unturned!

On the wedding day

If there is an outstanding balance on your package, we require the remainder on the day. This can be paid in cash or cheque (if cheque, please make payable to ‘Photo Video Weddings’)

There will be two of us (Laura and David) no matter what the package. We back each other up and work us a team to ensure maximum coverage for you.

On the morning of the wedding, if we have arranged to come to the Bridal Preparations our first port of call is ‘Detail Shots’. If you could have the dress, jewellery, flowers, shoes, etc, laid out or set in a particular area this will save us some time in getting it all located and organised.  If the location of your bridal preparation address is awkward to find (in the country, not on google maps etc), please make us aware of this so we can get directions. If you do not wish to have the bridal preparations filmed or photographed please let us know of this and we can begin the day from the ceremony location instead.

We aim to be at the ceremony location 1 hour before it begins to ensure we are there without delays and to allow us to get our gear set up.

We recommend setting aside a window of at least 1 hour for the photographs, but we will always do our best to get as many as possible set up’s in the time you have designated.

At the reception, we take a break ourselves whenever the bridal party and guests are having their meal.  

On the wedding day we will guide you through all the main checkpoints and make sure you get a good variety of photographs.

We will make sure you are looking your best for the photographs.

During the family set up’s we may ask a member of the bridal party (usually the best man) to give us a hand in rounding up the people.

After the wedding

Our aim is to have everything with you within 6 - 8 weeks of filming and/or photographing your wedding.  We will make a private slideshow on youtube of your wedding photographs (only people with the link can view this), along with a copy of all the photography and videography files that will be provided on a USB pen drive.

It is our aim to provide you with a beautiful story in the form of wedding photography & videography and we take time on our editing processes to ensure you are receiving the highest quality work from us. We don’t rush it. We go through and pick out all the nicest images, leaving behind unflattering ones. We take the best images and spend time enhancing them and making them pop!

Once you have received your wedding photographs & video by USB, you will be invited to complete a wedding album questionnaire (if of course an album was included in your package!). For the wedding album you have to select around 60-80 of your favourite photographs and decide what wording you would like on the front cover. We create a layflat photobook album, with 30 pages in size 8x11”. Once it’s designed we will provide a preview link so you can check it is all okay before we order it.