Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you stay at our wedding?

We will stay at your wedding until the first dance and bridal party dances. This is the latest we stay, as it can be a long day and for us it’s important that we are not driving home very tired.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are covered by public liability insurance which means if there are any accidents on the day. Public liability insurance covers photographers against third party claims (ie claims from other members of the public). These claims can be for injury or damage that may have been directly or indirectly caused to another person or their property.

Who will be there on the day?

Laura and David will both be there on your wedding day, Laura is the photographer and David is the videographer!

Do you charge for travel?

For weddings outside of the Belfast area we may include a fuel charge to cover the costs of our travelling to your wedding, this ranges from £20-£40. You will be informed of the cost ahead of the booking once we know where your locations are.

What equipment do you use?


We shoot both photography & videography with Canon 6D’s, and we use Canon 600D’s as our B roll cameras. We use a variety of lenses including canon L Series 70-200mm f2.8, 24-105mm f4.

Have you been to our wedding venue before?

We have been to the majority of wedding venues in Northern Ireland so it is highly likely we have been to your location before. If we haven’t though we will do plenty of research on all the best spots for photographs and we will consider visiting the venue if we think it’s needed.

What happens if it’s raining on the day?

We have only ever had 2 weddings where it has rained all day non-stop.  If it is raining you have a few options, use our clear umbrellas on the photoshoot, use a few nice indoor backdrops, wait for the rain to pass (and it almost always does!)

What is the waiting time for our photographs  / video?

After the wedding a sneak peak of 30 photographs will be provided within 48 hours of your wedding, along with our infamous ‘wedding guest pics’ album. The waiting time for the complete photography and videography is approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of your wedding.

How much is a deposit?

A deposit of £100 is required to book your date. This can be paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

How and when is the remainder amount paid?

The remainder balance on your account is due on the day of the wedding, but if you wish to get organised you can pay before. This can be paid in cash on the day, bank transfer or cheque (Made payable to Photo Video Weddings). PayPal is not used for the remaining balance payments as they have quite hefty charges for larger transactions.

How long will the photoshoot last?

We will work with you on this one and ask roughly how long you would like to spend on the photographs on the day. If it was up to us it would be as follows; 15 minutes for Bridal Party photographs, 30 minutes for Family photographs and 30 minutes for Bride & Groom. As it is your wedding day, it’s your decision! But it’s important to remember that the more time you give us for this the better your photographs will be.

What is the basic running order of the day?

A basic running order of the day is as follows;
Detail Shots
Bridal Preparations
Ceremony Location Shots
Groom & Groomsmen Group Shots
Guests arriving
Bride & Bridesmaids Group Shots
Family Group Shots
Bridal Party Group Shots
Bride & Groom Photoshoot
Casual shots of Wedding Guests
Detail shots of reception room
Cake cutting
First Dance, father/daughter, and bridal party dances.

How experienced are you?

We have been doing weddings since 2011 and have done approximately 250 weddings since then. We have been faced with almost every type of situation and thankfully there has never been any disasters, and touch wood - never will be! Our experience in weddings means we can handle everything and stay calm at all times, which is a key ingredient for a successful day.

What is your style?

Our style: variety is key! We like to provide our clients with an all encompassing view of their wedding day. It is our job to document your big day and we don’t take the task lightly. We like to tell the story of your wedding through images; showing the happiness, beauty and love.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes! We offer engagement shoots for a cost of £200 for a one hour shoot at a location of your choice, with the digital files provided on a USB. Engagement shoots can be very helpful for getting you used to being in front of the camera and we would definitely recommend it!

Do you do parent albums?

Yes! These can be added on for a cost of £150 and are just a smaller version of the main wedding album.

Can we make requests for certain photography ideas?

Absolutely. We encourage you to tell us about what you would like, you can send some screenshots to us of nice ideas you’ve seen or just let us know a few absolute must get shots. It makes it all a bit more fun if our clients have some creative input too. There is of course no pressure either way.

How do we go about getting our album organised?

Once your wedding photographs are finished you will be provided with a link to complete a ‘wedding album questionnaire’. Here you can tell us what wording you would like on the front cover, and you can make a note of all the images you want included. We recommend selecting between 60 - 80. We get the album ordered from our supplier and it will be sent directly to you! The waiting time is approximately 2 weeks from date of order.

Do you have a terms and conditions?

Yes we do indeed. You can find it here on our website. Before booking we request you to read through our terms and conditions to make sure you are happy with out set up.

How can we see more of your work?

You can see more of our work by visiting our Facebook page and look through our photo albums page! Click here:

How can we see more of your reviews from previous clients?

You can see more of our reviews by visiting our Facebook page, click here:

Do we meet you before the wedding?

Before the wedding we will provide you with a wedding questionnaire where you can tell us all about your wedding and requirements, along with a phonecall a few days before. For that reason meeting isn’t essential, but if you would like to meet us beforehand you could book us for an engagement shoot.

What happens if I don’t like posing for photographs?

First of all, don’t worry - this is very common. If you are not a huge fan of posing for photographs, it’s no problem - we are happy to set up casual, relaxed and candid moments.